Hotel Linen Hire and Laundry Services
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Hotel Linen Hire and Hotel Laundry Services

Elite Linen Laundry Services is a leading provider of high-end commercial linen laundry services in the North West. Offices in Manchester and Leeds
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Hotel Linen Hire

Whether you have a quaint bed and breakfast, a boutique gem hidden away in the country or a palatial five star hotel in the most coveted location the overall concept remains the same. All hotels provide a service and strive to create a relaxing haven for their guests. Contact us to help provide your clientele with comfort, relaxation and luxury as standard.
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Hotel Laundry Services

Cleanliness and quality are the top two important factors for your guests. Our reputation is built upon a superior linen laundry service, reliable collection/delivery service and market leading pricing. Among our clients are Best Western, Holiday Inn and Disney. Your laundry will be custom washed according to your preferences as well as professionally folded. All of our laundry is checked for quality so that your business can achieve high standards.
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